Friday, December 3, 2010


I have four poems from my manuscript THE EFFECT OF SMALL ANIMALS in the first online issue of BLUESTEM.

The "Retard" poem is an English-to-English translation of Matthew Lippman's "Retards" poem at FROM THE FISHHOUSE.

BLUESTEM, formerly KARAMU, has been published since 1966 and is produced by the English Department at Eastern Illinois University. Thanks, BLUESTEM!

I also have five translations in REVISTA CONSENSO which is produced by the Department of World Languages and Cultures at Northeastern Illinois University. These poems are from a collection of poems COSES PETITES (LITTLE THINGS) by Anna Aguilar-Amat and Francesc Parcerisas. With the authors, I translated them from Catalan to English. Thank you, REVISTA CONSENSO!

In related translation news, the translations were also recently published in BONE BOUQUET's second issue, and I'm going to be reading with Anna in Brooklyn in January as a part of a BONE BOUQUET reading. Thanks, BONE BOUQUET!

A little about the authors:

Anna Aguilar-Amat was recently awarded three prizes for Catalan poetry: the Jocs Florals of the city of Barcelona for PetrolierI Teatre (Oil and Theater); the Carles Riba award for Trànsit entre dos vols (Transit between two flights); and the Màrius Torres award for La música I L’escorbut (Music and Scurvy). Her fourth book of poems is Jocs d’loca (The Goose Game). Aguilar-Amat is president of QUARKpoesia (Aula de Poesia de la Universitat Autònoma) with the aim to promote poetry translation of less translated languages. In 2006 she started the poetry imprint Refractions (Refraccions) with the aim to publish mostly bilingual or trilingual poetry books. She has a Ph.D. from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona where she now teaches Terminology as a faculty member in the Translation department.

Most importantly, Anna is, as they say in Catalan, amazeballs.

Francesc Parcerisas is a poet, translator and critic. Since his first book, Vint poemes civils (Twenty Civil Poems, 1966), he has published a number of collections of poetry and literary criticism and has regularly contributed to Catalan newspapers and magazines. His collected poems, Triomf del present (Triumph of the Present), includes his poetry up until 1992. Natura Norta amb Nens (Still Life with Children, 2000) is his latest collection. Parcerisas has worked as Director of the Institute of Catalan Literature at the Catalan Ministry of Culture in Barcelona since 1998. He has also translated a number of works from Spanish, Italian, and English into Catalan, including El Senyor dels Anells (The Lord of the Rings) by J.R.R. Tolkien.

THE LORD OF THE RINGS? You can be impressed now, it's okay.

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